Media Center Mission

The Escambia County School System believes that the school library media center is a fundamental part of the educational program. Therefore, the school’s philosophy and goals help establish direction for library media services.  Programs may vary based on school characteristics however, all schools will strive to:

    Provide flexible, real, and virtual access to a wide range of informational resources

    Provide supplementary materials to enhance the school curriculum

    Integrate information skills instruction with classroom activities

    Support teachers in using a variety of media formats to improve instruction

    Motivate students to enjoy good literature and other relevant resources

    Provide access to current technologies to improve instructional effectiveness

    Participate in curriculum based and collaborative learning opportunities

Library Schedule

The library is open every day from 7:45 a.m. until 2:45 p.m. PMJHS Library Media Center operates on a fixed and flexible schedule. Normally, students in grades K-8 are scheduled to come to the library once a week. However, due to COVID, this year Mrs. Fountain will be having the Library on wheeles where she will go to each classroom to have library class once a week.  There are also times when classes are not scheduled, and teachers may use these time for flex scheduling.